The bar in Boston, Massachusetts that was modeled after the television sitcom 'Cheers' is closing its doors according to a report from the Boston Fox 11 news website.

The article reports that the original 'Cheers' on Beacon Street in Boston is still open. The 'Cheers' bar at Faneuil Hall in Boston is billed as a replica, and will close on August 30th.

Do you recall the time our area was going to have a 'Cheers' bar location? It was scheduled to be built just off the Vestal Parkway where the 'Woods' (Power & Light) nightclub once stood. We spent a lot of time at that venue with Whale events and promotions in the late 80s and early 90s. Good times as I recall.

Odd thing about that 'Cheers' franchise. It never happened. The sign went up, but that was it. If you travel through that area, you know the sign is still there after all these years. I pass by it daily heading home from work, and wonder why is it still there?

Who owns that property, and why would they want that sign to remain? Maybe it's too costly to tear down, or is there still hope of a 'Cheers' franchise to come in the future. I'm guessing probably not. Outside of the two in Boston (soon to be one) are there any other 'Cheers' bars in the country? A quick search on the internet doesn't show any  unless I'm, not looking in the right place.

Still, I'd like to check out the original 'Cheers' bar in Boston someday. I was a big fan of the show, and even though I realize it's not real, it's fun to pretend. Who hasn't visited a place that was made famous by a television sitcom? I've visited a few, but not sure I am willing to publicly admit ones I've visited. Let's just say one of them was a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills of Virginia. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

via Fox 11

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