I was sleeping Saturday morning when my wife started poking me in the arm saying, "Look at April, I can see legs." I was like, what? She said, "She's giving birth, there are two legs sticking out". Then she shoved her cell phone in my face.

Just like millions of people, my wife Chris has been watching April on the Animal Adventure Park's live feed for a few weeks now. She would give me updates from time to time and called me Saturday morning to tell me the calf was born. I must admit, the calf is a cute little guy, or girl. My sisters have already asked when we will be available to have them come up and see the baby in Harpursville.

This got me thinking, we have Koi fish in our pond in the back yard. If one of them was to lay eggs, I could get a camera, set up a live feed and hope people watch my feed to see the fish hatch. What do you think? I could sell the advertising to the Goldfish snack company and make money. I think I'm on to something here.

If you missed April giving birth, here is a video of the event. Warning, you may not want to be eating as you watch this.

(via :You Tube / TMD Enterprises)

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