I’ve been hearing about April the giraffe in Harpursville being pregnant for a few months now. All eyes have been on our area as we wait for the baby giraffe to be born. I think any positive press about the Binghamton area is a great thing especially when it goes nationwide or in this case, worldwide. Does it usually take this long? Could she just be constipated? (I’m joking). Some people I know are watching the video just about every minute they are awake. I haven’t been watching the video. I figured once the baby is out, I’ll go back and watch the video of that. My wife has just started watching the live feed on her phone. She shoved her phone in my face the other day and said, “I think she’s pushing, her tail is going straight out”. I said, “yeah, but some animals do that to poop too”.

I know she really is pregnant and they have ultrasounds to prove it.

I noticed when she showed me the video feed that the Toys R Us logo was on the page. That was a great marketing move on someone’s part.

All in all I hope she has a healthy little baby giraffe. Do they have names for them like baby horses are ponies? I hope she has it soon because hearing people talk about it is getting kind of old.

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