Animal births aren't that much of a shock at Animal Adventures but some people got quite the surprise during a recent visit.

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Recently they posted to Facebook about an unexpected event at the Kangaroo Walkabout Encounter when they encountered an extra animal in the area. A red kangaroo decided that now was the time to become a mom when she gave birth to a little joey...By the way, "Joey" is not its name.

The guests were taking part in the walkabout when one of them noticed something a little different. She saw the wiggle and she knew what it was. They got to experience something that many of us may never have a chance to see.

They were able to witness not just a live birth but the creation of life for a new kangaroo. The little one hopped (or climbed) into its mom's pouch where it'll take up residence for the next 5 to 6 months.

If you've ever wondered what a kangaroo birth looks like, you're in luck because it was caught on camera.

"Take a look below to see the moment of new life. WARNING! The video could make you squeamish if you have a weak stomach."

Who would have ever guessed that little thing will grow into such a big kangaroo someday? In about 6 months, he/she will be enjoying the outside world at Animal Adventure as a furry and gray joey that you are used to seeing at the park.

Remember when April the Giraffe was giving birth and we all could witness it? For myself, it didn't look anything like I thought it would and I was glad that I could see it.

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