At some point during the night of February 6, 2020, a thief snuck into the yard of a Vestal resident and managed to take off, undetected, with Matilda, a seven-foot giraffe.

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Matilda is a true piece of art, sculpted from metal and colorfully painted. Matilda's owners believe that whoever stole her had been planning to do so for quite some time because it appears that bolt cutters were used to cut the cable which held Matilda secure. There's also the issue of transportation which must have been carefully thought out because it certainly couldn't have been easy to kidnap a 7-foot-tall giraffe and escape without detection.

Someone is now in possession of a beautiful piece of art with no way to display it because the police have been notified of the theft and provided with photographs. All that the owners want is for someone to return Matilda it to them, no questions asked.


If you think you might know where Matilda is and would like to help reunite her with her family, please reach out to us here and we'll get you in touch with her family.

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