If you went to a concert at Vernon Downs on July 28, 1996 to see Poe, Seven Mary Three, The Verve Pipe and others and if your name is Jason, someone is looking for you.

18-year-old Jette Collins is lives just outside Syracuse in Durhamville, New York and he's looking for his biological father who attended the concert the night he was conceived.

According to Jette, his mom Diana Collins, met a man known only as 'Jason' at a radio station concert and Jette is a product of their night together. Jette says that he's not looking for anything from his biological father, he just wants the man who helped to create him.

Jette took to Facebook on March 2nd with a photo of himself and a sign that reads and asked for people to share his photo with the hope that if enough do, he'll be able to locate his father. As of the most recent update from Jette on March 12th, he's still not found 'Jason.'

Jette's photo has been shared almost 14,000 times on Facebook and has over 3,000 comments. Most of the comments are encouraging ones, wishing Jette luck in finding his biological father, but many also express negativity toward his mom for having a one night stand. Still, Jette isn't giving up hope that one day he might finally get to meet his dad.

I don't know if this actually works but I'm going to try it, just hoping for the best and a little luck. Help a kid out

Posted by Jette Collins on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

[via Facebook]