Season four of the prequel to the Hitchcock masterpiece, Psycho.A&E's Bates Motel is here, It's not often that television can take a big screen film and actually add to the story with such believably.

Bates Motel tells the story of Norman Bates, before he becomes the psychotic killer we all remember from the 1960 film.

We get to meet Norman as a teenager in high school, his mother Norma (before she was a skeleton in the basement), and apparently he has a brother, Dylan.

The series starts off with the death of Norman's father, the purchase of the Bates Motel, and the strange relationship he has with his mother.

I have watched from day one and can say with certainty that the actors are brilliant! The story line keeps you guessing and waiting for the next step, as Norman Bates progresses towards the deranged dude we know in the movie.

This past season Norman's psychotic behavior intensified, and the first episode of season four last week showed just how much.

If you're looking for something good to watch, and the sight of a little blood doesn't bother you, get caught up on the first three seasons on DVD or Netflix.

Bates Motel is worth watching.

Check out the season four trailer below.

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