A newborn baby girl was initiated into Bills Mafia in Saratoga Springs on Sunday in one of the cutest things you'll ever see.  Family and friends appear to be gathered at the home of Katee Mcmaster, while her husband performs the adorable honors.  In the Instagram video, little baby Veda who appears to be around 6-weeks-old, is wearing a Bills onesie with matching Bills pacifier and headband.   Watch as her dad delicately gives her a little peck on the cheek and then safely lowers her onto a tiny table that snaps in half at impact replicating the pre-game parking lot antics of Bills fans who notoriously smash tables and even light themselves on fire.  We're happy to report that no fire was used in Veda's Bills Mafia initiation.

I've always said that I think the Bills have the best fans in the NFL and it's hard to argue. I've been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, but on football Sundays, I find myself rooting for the Bills.

I love their passionate fan base; Bills Mafia.  Blue collar, gritty, hard-working, no BS.  Just like your team. You all root like crazy for your team, show up when they stink, light yourself on fire when they win, even offer to help the team shovel snow when western New York gets dumped on with two feet of it.

On Sunday, the great Buffalo Bills fan base added perhaps the youngest (and certainly the cutest) newest member to the Bills Mafia family.

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