Meet a special boy who is capturing hearts with his incredible drawings, including the hearts of the Buffalo Bills mafia.

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11-year-old Graysen Ripic of Owego was born with a very rare disorder called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). When a person has AMC, it causes the body’s joints to permanently fix in a bent or straightened position. Those with this disorder often are left completely unable to use their limbs as is the case with young Graysen.

Graysen attends Owego Apalachin and has to do everything with his mouth due to his Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. According to Graysen’s teacher’s aide, Amy McManus-Palmer, Graysen has the most incredible outlook on life and makes those around him change the way they look at their own life. He is a boy who is filled with determination and uses his mouth to do everything from moving the joystick on his wheelchair to get around to one of his favorite activities- drawing.

One day in class, McManus-Palmer took note of the incredible drawing Graysen made of his hero, Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills using nothing but colored pencils that were placed in his mouth. Knowing how much joy Graysen brings to others, she asked Graysen’s mother for permission to share his drawing with the hope of Josh Allen maybe laying eyes on it because she wanted Graysen to know what a strong boy he is and how much talent he has.

via Amy McManus-Palmer
via Amy McManus-Palmer

While Bills Mafia continues to share Graysen’s drawing of Josh Allen with the hope that the athlete will see it and respond, it has been finding its way around the internet. Comments on a YouTube video which tells Graysen's story read,

"Kid can't use his arms or legs and is still happy and doing stuff. Good stuff! That picture was insane!! People get discouraged over the smallest things, but not Grayson."ryan bennett bennett

"They should do t-shirts with that picture to help this young kid with medical treatment...... keep going 👏 💪 kid God bless you a d Go Bills." Angel M. Vega

Bellreng’s Towing and Automotive, a Buffalo-area business saw Graysen's drawing and wanted to do something special for him, so they gave the young super fan and his mom their tickets to the Sunday, January 2 game against Atlanta at Highmark Stadium. Making the game day even more special for Graysen is that he got to watch the game from inside the Bud Light Club.

via Amy McManus-Palmer
via Amy McManus-Palmer

While Graysen wasn't able to meet Josh Allen in person, a special gift was presented to him at the game - an autographed #17 helmet. Graysen's wish for 2022? That he'll have the opportunity to meet Josh Allen face-to-face.

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