If you are a Buffalo Bills Football fan or have seen them play your team at Highmark stadium, I can imagine you've seen just how dedicated the Bills fans are. After all, they are dubbed the 'Bills Mafia." I am in awe of those fans who are at the game shirtless no matter how cold and nasty the weather is during game time. I don't know how they do it.

I have only attended one Buffalo Bills game in my life (up to this point, anyway) and it was quite a fun experience. It's so easy to get into the game with tens of thousands of Bills fans all around you. Of course, the biting winds whipping around the stadium on a cold December day in Orchard Park is something that I could have done without, but it's all part of the experience.

And whether you've been there or watched the Buffalo Bills playing on home turf, the television cameras usually zone in among many others, a man whose name is John Lang. You may ask, "Who is John Lang." Well, his nickname is 'Bills Elvis.'

And he ends up catching the lens of the cameras during Buffalo Bills home game broadcasts. There are many throughout the stadium who are entertaining when the camera picks them out, but Bill is one of the most entertaining in my opinion.

Well, Buffalo television station WIVB reports that "Bills Elvis" and his friends do what many others do before and after game time - enjoy a tailgating party. But when John and his friends returned after last Sunday's game (January 9th), one of the trucks was vandalized of their tailgating gear. Gone were a tent, grill, cooler, propane, and other items valued at thousands of dollars according to the WIVB article.

With a playoff game set for this weekend, John and his friends needed to replenish what they lost, created a Go Fund Me page with a goal of $3000. Well, WIVB reports that the Bills Mafia had raised over $5000 dollars. So after replacing the stolen items, John Lang plans on donating the rest to the Patricia Allen Fund at Oishei Children’s Hospital.


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