This Saturday is St Patrick's Day. A week ago Saturday we had the St Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Binghamton. My wife and I went out for some drinks afterward. This past Saturday was my churches St Patrick's Day Party. I drank some there and then we went to a bar in Endicott for a post-party, party. Now the big day itself is coming up this Saturday. Things get crazy when St Patrick's day ends up on a Friday or a Saturday. Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day and it goes hand-in-hand with drinking. Being that the holiday itself is on a weekend, I'm sure there will be more drinking than normal. I would love to go out Saturday and hang out at one of the Irish bars in the Binghamton area. House of Reardon's and McGirk's are the first two that pop in my head. I'm sure both places will be packed, but there's nothing like being at an Irish bar on St Patrick's Day.

I remember one Saint Patrick's Day many years ago, we went to Carnsie's on Robinson Street in Binghamton. Remember that place? That place was the coolest place to be on St. Patrick's Day. The bagpipers came in and they had a couple of guys there playing live Irish music. We ordered our corned beef and cabbage and a couple of beers. I remember banging the mug of beer on the bar to the beat of the Music. Everybody was having a blast.

That's what all bars should be like on March 17th. especially when it falls on a Saturday. Just make sure if you go out to celebrate, don't drink and drive. Have a plan to get home safely so you can be around for St. Patty's Day next year.


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