This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. It's the date that marks the beginning of lent for Christian's. Lent is supposed to get your prepared for Easter. I am a Catholic and Easter is the most important time of the year in the Catholic Church.

Besides refraining from eating meat on Fridays during lent, Catholics are encouraged to give something up as a sacrifice for the next 40 days. I always have a hard time deciding on what to give up. So this year I decided to put together a list of Binghamton area things that I don't want to give up for lent.

1.) Spiedies
This Southern Tier tradition it's something I can't live without. In fact, I had a hankering  for a spiedie for about two weeks now and I finally went and got one Sunday for lunch.

2.) Chicken Wings
It's bad enough I can't eat meat on Fridays, but there's no way I could go 40 days without having wings. I could eat wings three or four days a week, but I don't. In fact, I might make it my mission during lent to go get wings at different places once a week. I'm thinking the Old Union Hotel, Thirsty's, Harry Tufts, Stu's Place, Wings, and Kelly's. That's one awesome thing about living in Endicott, there's a lot of great places to go get wings close by.

3.) Donuts
I could go months without having a donut, but when I want one, I really need to get one. I don't want to have to wait 40 days to walk into Manny's Donuts if the urge strikes.

4.) Beer
The only way I would give up beer would be if I had to. I can't imagine going 40 days without being able to enjoy a cold one. Especially with the great brews that are made right here in Broome County, including Water Street Brewing Company, Binghamton Brewing Company, Galaxy Brewing Company, Beer Tree Brewing Company, and The Farmhouse Brewery

5.) Pizza
I tried to give a pizza once for Lent and thought I was going to die. First of all it's not a very smart decision because you're already giving up meat every Friday, and by giving up pizza, you're taking away an option of having a great meal without meat. Besides, we are blessed with so many great pizza places in the Binghamton area including Nirchi's, Brozzetti's, Rossi's, Oakdale Pizza, Taylor's Neighborhood Pizza, and Joey's Brick Oven Pizza.

So what are you giving up for Lent? Anything?

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