Broome, Chenango and Delaware Counties June 17  each report one new positive coronavirus test in the past day.  

Broome’s total was at 622 with 49 deaths, Chenango at 139 with six deaths and Delaware at 80 positive tests for the coronavirus and 5 deaths.  Tioga County had no new cases to report for a total of 150 since the start of the pandemic and 24 deaths.

$242 billion for public health
Steve Pfost/Newsday RM via Getty Images

The Southern Tier continues to exhibit some of the lowest numbers for new infections and hospitalizations in New York State.

The region is scheduled to move into the final and fourth phase of the Governor’s economic reopening plan June 26.

Phase four would restart Arts, Entertainment, Recreation and Education, possibly clearing the way for movie theaters and casinos to reopen along with museums, Ross Park Zoo and concerts.  New York State has not laid out any of the guidelines for any of those activities.

Currently, the state is only allowing people to gather in groups of 25 and graduation ceremonies have been limited to 150 people.  There has been no word on reopening other businesses that have said they aren’t sure what category they fall into like gyms and yoga studios.

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