Well that didn't take long, construction crews have already taken down the walk over bridge that used to connect City Hall to the old Bank on State Street by the arena. Many years ago they took down the connecting bridge that took you from the bank over to the arena.

Like anything else without maintenance, these things fall apart. I remember back in the day leaving concerts or hockey games at the arena and being able to walk out of the second floor, onto the concourse, across the bridge to the bank, then you would make a right and go across State Street and down the steps on the other side. It kept traffic flowing without people crossing the streets. I always thought to myself it would have been better if there was a walk bridge going from there over to the now missing parking garage that sat on the corner of State Street.

Now when hockey games get out or concerts are over people just start crossing the street, even in between cars. And, if you're trying to drive through, sometimes you don't even see them. Or, if you're trying to cross the street it takes forever with the traffic.

I would have liked to have seen them keep these walking bridges and keep the parking garage. In my opinion it was stupid getting rid of that and not replacing it with another parking garage. In my opinion, it would have been better yet to keep the walking bridges and build a walking bridge over to the parking garage. It'd be safer for pedestrians and it would keep traffic moving.

To me, this is just another stupid idea for downtown Binghamton. Just like not replacing the Collier St. Ramp and putting a circle on Court St. in front of the Court House.

City of Binghamton

Above is a picture of what it will look like after the construction. Below is a picture of the old bridge.