If you're like me, and many of you are in this situation, you had to pick up the snow shovel several times last week during our snow-mageddon. Every year, I swear to buy a snowblower, but it never happens. Probably because I'm afraid that if I do, we won't get much snow over the winter and it'll sit idle. Wait, maybe that's a good idea!

As we all know, the snow fell, and fell, and fell some more. Up to three feet in many areas. That is a lot of snow to shovel off the driveway, sidewalk and for some of us, front and back steps.

I did end up asking my neighbor to use his snowblower on my driveway. The town plow had dumped a good amount of heavy snow and road salt at the end, and my shovel refused to touch it...or was it me who refused to touch it?

Snow shoveling should have ended there, but not for me. I have two dogs. One is a Greyhound and one is an Italian Greyhound. Now if my Greyhound was having trouble walking around in the backyard to do his business, you know my little Italian Greyhound wouldn't even make it off the back porch. And if he won't go do his business outside, you can guess where we will do his business, and that's not an option.

So, back out I go, shoveling a couple of paths in the yard, and attempting to make a space big enough for both to do what they've got to do. I've never seen two dogs who are so picky where they will go. Since the snow dropped, I've been out a few times lengthening those paths. The things we do for our dogs. Better that, than cleaning up a mess in the house.

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