We've all heard of the term "Home-wrecker". It's usually pinned on a person having an affair with a married person. However, I believe it takes two to tango so it's not just one person's fault.

However, six states in the United States allow what's being called The Alienation of Affection lawsuits. That's where a spouse can sue the third party who ended up causing the couple to split up.

According to KENS, approximately 200 Alienation of Affection cases are filed annually in the state of North Carolina. Along with North Carolina, the other five states include; New Mexico, Mississippi, Utah, South Dakota, and Hawaii. Puerto Rico also allows Alienation of Affection lawsuits.

I remember years ago, hearing a story where a man sued his wife's doctor for having an affair with her and causing them to break up. The man won the lawsuit and received an undisclosed amount of money from the doctor.

If it was just the doctor's fault, I would be OK with the lawsuit, but the wife was just as guilty.

Would you also be able to sue a judgemental mother-in-law if she convinced your significant other that they would be better off without you? How about a friend that drives a wedge between a husband and a wife? Where does it end?

So what do you think? Do you think it is something that New York should allow? The person suing would have to prove that the third person was the cause of their marriage coming to an end.

[via KENS]

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