The first inkling that it was about to be the Christmas season came around early October this year when I was in a department store looking for deals on leftover camping items.

There's always a few things left at slashed prices. Stuff like chairs, tables and  tacky lawn ornaments. Well, was I surprised when I entered the seasonal area, and found no remains of outdoor living, but instead boxes upon boxes of artificial Christmas trees.

That's the earliest I'd seen trees ready to be put on display. One week later, they were up and decorated. All before Halloween. I've now become numb to the fact that the season gets longer and longer.

But as it goes every year, I get into the holiday spirit, and embrace it more as we get closer to Christmas. And then the day arrives. And then the day disappears like it never existed. What the hell just happened?

Two months of leading up to one special day that vanishes in 24 hours. We gotta extend the celebration. For many of us, there's just to much going on to pack into less than one day. I visit relatives locally, then make a 90 minute drive to visit more. Not that 90 minutes is really a long drive, but it's a round trip and I tend to get a bit tired on the dark, boring ride home.

It's especially confusing when the holiday falls in the middle of the week. For many of us in the business of radio, the next day is a work day. Feels a bit weird and a bit of a let down.

I've never done this, but maybe I just need to take the next day off, no matter what day Christmas falls on. Usually, others on my staff take time off, so I just work through the holidays. It's not so bad, since week between Christmas and New Years Day is slow and quiet. Still, for me, it would be nice to slow down the holiday, but that's not gonna happen. Ow well.

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