If you have ever been frustrated at night hearing those LOUD vehicles tearing up and down your road, then you are in luck. New York State wants to crack down on those vehicles, which should help you fall asleep or not wake the baby up.

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There is a bill that has been passed by the New York State legislature which would really hit the vehicle owners the most....their wallet. The "Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution Act" (SLEEP) would increase the fine from $150 to $1,000 for having devices that make mufflers on motor vehicles and motorcycles louder. The act would also make the sale of those devices illegal.

I think that this is a wonderful idea for so many reasons. There was one time that I was traveling on the road to my parent's house and I thought that I heard gunfire. It was unnerving, to say the least.

In the summertime, I love to sit out on my enclosed screened-in porch and watch TV and listen to the crickets. However, every so often, a car will go by and drown everything OUT. I wonder if they lost their muffler entirely. It sounds like a live band coming out of the back seat of their vehicle.

As any new mom will tell you, it can be difficult getting the newborn to sleep, and the last thing that they want is to have a loud disruption to wake the young one up. You've heard the saying that if "mama isn't happy then no one is happy." I think that it's even more true for a newborn. It's definitely harder to get the younger one to calm down and back to bed.

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