Remember those cartoons, TV shows and movies we grew up watching that offered automated driving? All you did was sit back in the seat and let the vehicle do the driving, or flying.

We thought or at least hoped that these types of transportation modes would happen in our lifetime. And while it's not happening for the general public yet, it's coming. Maybe not in my lifetime, but never say never, right?

We have vehicles that assist you with backing up, sensors that warn you of getting too close to an object, indicators lights in the side mirrors that warn you of a vehicle in your blind spot, and even vehicles that will parallel park your car for you. Now that's heaven right there. I have always hated parallel parking. Especially since I drive a large van. It's not the easiest thing to parallel park. There are warning lights for tire pressure, and so many other features, driving a vehicle these days has never been so much safer.

Driverless vehicles have been built and tested as you know. I don't know if I would enjoy not being in control though. Maybe if it gets to the point when I am older that it would not be safe for me to drive on my own, a driverless vehicle would probably be a life saver. I would be lost if I couldn't get into a vehicle and go somewhere on my own.

According to an April 28th press release, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDot) just came out with a survey that is designed to gain an understanding of Pennsylvanians’ perceptions and knowledge of automated vehicles."

“Automated vehicle technology is rapidly advancing, and many features are already available in newer vehicles,” said PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian. “It is important that the department understands how Pennsylvanians feel about this technology, to help us shape our education and communication focus going forward.”

To participate in the survey, visit the Pennsylvania Highly Automated Vehicle Advisory Committee website.

via PennDot

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