This past Saturday was the spring installment of Shelter Slam. It was the first time being held at Endwell Greens in Endwell. My wife and I were there for a few hours and we had a great time. It was ten bucks each to get in and we donated a bag of cat food and dog food as well. All the money raised, and all the food collected, is donated to local charities.

Hats off to John Delola who organizes this event twice every year. This year, 24 bands played on two different stages in two rooms. The bands donate their time for the animals. They all seem to enjoy it. One reason is because all the bands are together in one place. Usually each band is playing out at different venues so they never get to see each other and hang out with each other. The event always brings out past musicians and musicians from other bands that aren't playing that day. It becomes like a who's who in the Binghamton music scene. I spoke to some friends from bands that I haven't seen in years.

Everybody there seemed to enjoy themselves. If you didn't make it out, make sure you check out the next one, Aug 19th at Endwell Greens.

If you couldn't make it but you would still like to help the animals, just make a donation of food or money at any one of the shelters on their website.

So people claim the music scene in Binghamton is dead. It was alive and well Saturday at Shelter Slam.

Jim Free left, Sid Peake of "The Gents" right
Jim Free left, Sid Peake of "The Gents" right

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