Friday after work, I swung home and picked Chris up and we went over to The Church of the Annunciation in Vestal for their drive-thru Greek Fest. It took us an hour to get from Old Vestal Road, up onto O'Hare Drive, and then to the back of the church to place our order, that's how busy they were. But we were patient because we knew the food would be awesome and we wanted to help support the church.

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Saturday I came into work at the well for a few hours, then went home and mulched  the leaves in my yard for the second straight weekend. It actually looked good until early Sunday morning when the wind started blowing, more leaves fell and it looked like I didn't touch the yard at all.

After I was done with the lawn, I took a shower and then Chris and I went off to get some dog and cat food to drop off at the drive-thru Shelter Slam over at Olum's in Vestal. We went to the store and we purchased two big bags of cat and dog food and drove through Olum's parking lot to drop them off for local local shelters. We made a monetary donation too because we figured if they were doing the event the way they usually do, we would have paid to get in to see the bands anyway.

We were trying to figure out what to do for dinner, so we called ahead and picked up a pizza from Taylor's Neighborhood Pizza in Endwell, and wings from Harry Tufts in Endicott. After we ate dinner, we decided to head out to Tioga Downs for an hour and a half or so of gambling.

Sunday morning after church, we went out to breakfast at Our Country Hearts in Endicott, and then it was back home to watch football for the rest of the afternoon. All in all I would say I had a pretty good weekend, and was able to recharge my batteries somewhat. I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend as well.

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