Want to be a millionaire? There may soon be an app for that.

The New York State Gaming Commission is giving approval to allowing lottery players to order scratch-off tickets on their phones.

Getty Images-Tetra Images
Getty Images-Tetra Images

Some stores that sell lottery games, however, fear a loss of revenues and the bonus rewards they get when they sell a winner.

The company that markets the app, “Jackpot”, says the option is attracting younger players and that could mean more revenue for New York State, which is looking at a 15-billion-dollar budget shortfall, largely because of lost revenue due to the pandemic. Lottery sales revenues go to support education in New York State.

"Jackpot" recently began offering remote orders of Mega Millions and New York Lotto.  Company officials say younger people are more inclined to use their mobile devices while traditional lottery players will most likely still prefer to go to their corner store to buy their tickets.  The new app may be ready to take orders for “scratchers” in a couple months.

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New York lawmakers are considering allowing mobile sports betting as part of the proposed New York State budget.

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