Photo by David McNew, Getty Images
Photo by David McNew, Getty Images

I have to be honest when I drive I do experience some road rage. Usually, I'll just call the person doing something stupid a dumb-ass and go about my business. Every now and then if the person seems to enjoy being an idiot, then I will flip him the Hawaiian solute. There have been times where I thought I was going to get out of the car and go at it with someone, but in the end, I thought better about it and just kept driving.

This morning I had a Strange But True story about a woman in Houston that rear-ended an SUV and decided to go after the person she hit because obliviously she thought it was her fault. According to ABC 13 Houston, the woman jumped out of her can, ran to the car in front of her and started hitting the woman.

The man in the car behind the brawling beauties grabbed his cell phone and started filming the fight. Then, out of nowhere, a man comes running up and jumps into the SUV that rear-ended the other one and took off.

So, not only was the woman in an accident and a fight, but she also had her SUV stolen. Can you imagine her husband coming home from work and asking the question, "So how was your day honey"?

Here is the video of the incident.

[via World New/You Tube]

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