Today aggressive driver is not the ones we encountered in our younger days, if someone does something that ticks you off you're better off letter it go and if you get into an accident call 911

I try to keep a low profile when driving if someone wants to pass me I let them, and I never engage anyone is road rage because you never know what that person is going to do.

If you encounter someone who is coming at you aggressively, make sure your doors are locked, if you have a phone call 911, or if you're moving drive to the nearest police station if possible.

There a few steps that you can take to reduce your chances of provoking a road raged driver, obviously refrain from any obscene gestures, avoid eye contact, never tailgate someone, and if they're not moving when the light changes green, a gentle honk of the horn to let them know the light has changed.

My suggestion was to have a bad driving patrol seek out people who knowingly break the rules. The squad car would come equipped with a big boot that the bad driving officer puts on. Then they would proceed to bend the offender over the hood of their car and kick them right in the ass with the big boot. Genius, right?

I know that's not going to happen, but just once, I would love to see an entitled bad driver get the boot. The Vestal Parkway would be lined with boot yielding patrol cars around 4pm daily.
Check out the videos below. These people are just looking for trouble.

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