Can we discuss traffic lights? It's a sore subject for me. Maybe it's because with less traffic on the road over the past few weeks, I've noticed some things about traffic lights that bring up my blood pressure.

Maybe there is an explanation for everything, but with some things, I just can't figure out what it is. My question and frustration is, why are some traffic light cycles longer than others?

For example, I've been stuck at a red light that seems to last a couple of minutes or more, but on the street I am waiting for the green light, when it finally happens, it only lasts for five seconds at most. Yes, I know that probably the thinking may be that one stretch of road that goes through the intersection has more traffic, but to only allow five seconds for the other side doesn't seem right.

Even worse is when I'm on one of those streets that favors a long green light on the opposite street, my side only has a green light for five seconds, and I'm turning right (good for the right on red law), but a vehicle is on front of me is turning left. I have to wait for what seems an eternity to move on because I'm stuck behind a left turning vehicle.

Some intersections I travel through, shouldn't even have a traffic light. A good old stop sign, or four way stop sign would suffice. There's an intersection near where I live that has a four way stop situation, but there are only 3 streets that meet at that intersection. Since I drive on the main street that goes through that intersection, I think the stop sigh should only be for the street that ends at the intersection, and then I can continue through without having to stop.

Does any of this many any sense, or is it I'm just becoming one of those people who have little patience when I'm trying to get to my destination? Road Rage you say? Probably right. I many need to work on that.

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