We are a nation of impatient drivers. Can I get an Amen on that statement? For sure, I am impatient with many aspects of driving. I guess you could call it mild road rage.

Just yesterday I was yelling at the driver in front of me to hit the gas peddle after the light had turned green and we were still stopped after about 5 seconds. Doesn't take long for my short fuse to light. Of course my windows were rolled up so no one could hear me. I'm not about to get into a fight with anyone.

And then there's the type of driver who just can't keep their vehicle from inching forward during a traffic stop. You know what I mean. They inch forward, brake, inch forward, brake, and so on until they are almost into the intersection, clearly over the stop line and blocking the crosswalk. I just don't understand why it's so hard to keep your foot on the brake until the light turns green.

Then there are those certain intersections that are just the worst. I'm sure everyone has one or two that you  dread driving through. I have one that I'd like to vote for as the worst intersection in the Southern Tier.

It's the intersection of State Street and Court Street Binghamton. Normally, when I go home, I take a right from State Street onto Court Street heading west. Well, during drive time hours, especially in the afternoon, traffic is heavy, and more often than not, when the traffic light turns red just a block away at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Court Street, traffic backs up, and rarely does traffic keep the State and Court Street intersection clear.

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So here I am, with the green light in my favor, and no place to go since vehicles are backed up blocking the intersection. As soon as it does clear, I often get hit by the Washington Avenue red light, and then another block with the intersection of Court and Water Streets. That green light only seems to last about 10 seconds.

By the time I get home, I'm stressed. Maybe I should try a different route, huh?

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