We love to complain about certain roadways. Potholes seem to be the biggest topic. Especially when the spring thaw arrives. Others complain about the growing number of roundabouts popping up in the Triple Cities. And of course, that subject has its pros and cons as we've noticed on social media lately.

Most of my complaints aren't necessarily about our roadways, it's more about human beings who drive on them. Being reckless, driving too fast, weaving in and out of traffic, cutting in front of me, tailgating, etc. You get the idea.

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I recently posed the question on social media - "Which stretch of road in the Southern Tier of New York or Northeast PA do you despise the most, or do you feel is the most dangerous?" That question brought me several answers.

Some did mention it's the driver more than the road that's dangerous, and I have to agree but are there roadways or maybe a section of roadway that you consider dangerous?

Probably the most responses were about the Vestal Parkway. Sure, it can be stressful since it's the busiest roadway in the Triple Cities outside of the major highways, especially during the holiday season. Here are some of your answers:

Most Dangerous Local Roadways

Most Dangerous Local Roadways

And here are a bunch more answers to my most dangerous local road question:

  • Chad T. - Starrucca Creek Road between Susquehanna and Starrucca is probably the worst road within 150 miles of Binghamton.
  • Heather W. - I-81… thump thump thump thump thump.
  • Jessica U. - Ithaca. Getting there, the traffic, the hills in the snow. Hands down.
  •  Lisa V. -The new traffic circle off I-81 South Exit 5 - for those that don't travel that way on a regular basis and aren't as familiar with the circle pathway it is VERY POORLY LIT - hopefully when the construction resumes in the spring the lighting will improve.
  • Seán N. - I-86/Route 17 - terrible motorcycle riding.
  • Rebecca H. - North Rome Road needs a spike strip in the yellow line, so tired of being run off the road, and one time it was a State Trooper on my side of the road.
  • Steve B. - Bunn hill rd. Vestal. Not dangerous but the 30 mph speed limit is ridiculous.
  •  A. Marks - Exit ramp on Rt 26 north to Old Vestal Road. Try taking a left at that stop. Hold onto grandma!!
  • Doris H. - Interstate 86 since they redid it between Owego and Horseheads. If you go over it in a truck it's wavy and loud. It's like riding on a boat. Gave me motion sickness.
  • Jamie C. and Kristen S. - Twist Run Road.
  • Dona R. - Intersection of 38 and 79 in Richford. Lots of accidents there.

  • Athena S. -The ramp where 81 north and rt 17 split on the highway off Route 7.
  • Randy H. - Route 86/17 both east and west from the Broome line to Campville.
  • Lee M. - Exit 4 on 81 S (where 17 E merges into it). I can't believe that area doesn't have more accidents; it's very difficult to see the traffic that's merging at that spot and it's difficult to even get to the exit when it's busy because of it.
  • Yvonne D -Route 79 from Lisle to Ithaca. It's curvy with lots of hills and limited visibility, people go too fast. Drivers pass over the yellow or white lines on the regular. Lots of drifts in the winter too.

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