We all have to do it. It’s just some of us are more thoughtful than others. I think we all have that one co-worker who thinks theirs doesn’t stink. Or they think they will get a prize for having the smelliest dump of the week.

When you do have to go at work, a courtesy flush is always nice. Also, if there is spray in the room, USE IT! I brought in the spray and someone just brought in the Poo-Pourri (such a great invention) but the problem continues.

If you look at this picture, you can see how close the Whale Studio is to the Men’s room.

mens room

It’ right across the hall.

Seriously, contrary to what you believe, it does not smell like roses. Please be considerate of your co-workers when you have to go. If you use the Poo-Pourri, then spray and use a courtesy flush and it still smells, you might want to change your diet or consult your doctor. There might be a dead animal in you that crawled out of the bottom of another dead animal.

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