We have already had many disasters around the country over the past year, and the American Red Cross of Western New York is in need of volunteers.

The job market is looking for workers, and it seems to be a struggle to get people to even apply.

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The national disasters and even the pandemic resurgence has created a crucial need for volunteer workers throughout the country, and right here in the southern tier.

According to a news release from the American Red Cross of Western New York, volunteers are needed for many areas of their operations.

The release points out the almost 900 incidents that were disaster related in Western Broome, many were home fires, but the need for volunteers to work in the shelters is critical.

Some of the other areas of operations that are in need of volunteers, include health services and Disaster Action Team or DAT.

The American Red Cross of Western New York will be holding a volunteer recruitment open house at their Endicott Office located at 620 E. Main next Wednesday August 25th from 3pm to 7pm.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

More info on Volunteerism CLICK HERE


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