As the middle of summer brings us scorching hot high temperatures, winter is not to be outdone with freezing cold low temperatures in the middle of it's season. Although we've had some recent winters where cold temperatures and snow have occurred far less than most years.

As of today (January 27th), the National Weather Service is calling for some pretty cold temperatures as we wind down the month of January. Thursday's high won't get much past 20 degrees, if that. Thursday night we'll experience temperatures near 10 degrees according to the National Weather Service along with some high winds as much as close to 30 mile per hour. So much for my end of January outdoor party. Okay, IF I was going to have a party.

And then we'll end the workweek with clouds, snow showers and a high in the low teens on Friday. But wait, there's more! Friday night will also be a night to avoid the outdoors when our lows will be 5 degrees or below.

But just wait my friends, the fun will continue into Saturday with a high in the upper teens and a low around 1 according to the National Weather Service. Now would be a good time for a vacation somewhere south or southwest. Oh wait, there's still that pandemic happening hindering vacation and travel plans.

Hey, we're tough New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians. We've dealt with worse over the years, and can take on bitter cold with no problem. Although for me, the heat will be cranked at home from the new electric fireplace I bought. I just have to nudge my Greyhounds a bit away from the heat duct to enjoy the full effect. The only problem with that is, my Greyhounds will ignore me and position themselves right in front of the fireplace all day.

Well, it is all about them, right?

via National Weather Service

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