I love anything to do with space, including trying to point out certain planets when they become visible through a telescope...but in this case, you won't even need one.

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According to WKBW, Mars will be making a rare close-Earth approach on Tuesday.

In fact, Mars will be so close to Earth that you'll be able to see it with the naked eye.

According to NASA, Mars only makes a close approach every two years, with the next coming in December of 2022, but this event will be even rarer. That's because you'll have such an exceptional view of Mars -- a view that only comes once or twice every 15-17 years.

Just to show how far these planets are from Earth, even though you'll be able to see Mars with the naked eye on Tuesday, the red planet will still be roughly 38.6 million miles away.

NASA's mission with the rover Perseverance will land on Mars in 2021. It was originally supposed to land in 2020.

I can't wait for this. I love being able to catch a glimpse of one of the planets. Definitely won't miss this rare opportunity.

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