The year was 1962 and incredible things were about to happen. On February 4, Danny Thomas proudly unveiled a hospital dedicated solely to children where no single patient nor their parents would be presented with a bill of any kind. That hospital was St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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Two weeks after the opening of St. Jude Children's Hospital, another profound and life-changing event took place - on February 20, astronaut John Glenn became the first American to circle Earth, doing so in three orbits in a spacecraft called Friendship 7.

Now, just about sixty years after the opening of the hospital and of Glenn's orbit, another life-changing event is about to take place thanks to the dream of a man named Elon Musk and the generosity of a man named Jared Isaacman.

Elon Musk had a dream to take everyday people to space and Jared Isaacman is making that happen in a move that will impact St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in massive ways.

Isaacman owns Shft4 Payments and is a proud supporter of St. Jude. Inspiration4 will be the world's very first all-civilian mission to space and Isaacman has offered St. Jude two of the four crew positions to space. One of the crew positions will be given to a St. Jude mission ambassador and the other will be given to a member of the public, possibly you.

Isaacman has vowed to donate $100 million dollars to St. Jude but hopes to be able to raise another $100 million for the hospital and so he is giving the average person an opportunity to take a trip to space by giving to St. Jude or entering his sweepstakes.

Rick Shadyac is the President and CEO of  ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and in a newsletter he wrote, ..." we’ve mounted St. Jude Global, a mission to dramatically improve pediatric cancer outcomes for all children, including those in low- and middle-income countries where survival rates lag far behind the U.S. And that’s why we’re going to space — so we can save more of the sickest children here on Earth."

For just $19 a month, you can help St. Jude save the life of a child. Make a donation by calling 800-372-4999, text "HAWK" to 626262, or donate at this link:

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