It's been several years since I was last pulled over while speeding in traffic. Okay, more like 30 years or more. I tend not to stray more than 5 miles over the posted speed limit, although many motorists around me are passing me like I'm standing still.

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When I did get pulled over, and it's happened two or three times in my lifetime, I was a bit nervous. I wasn't sure how to act or what to expect. Each time I was handed a traffic ticket. twice for speeding, and one for a tail light that was out. How could I know, right?

Maybe it's your first time ever being pulled over, or maybe you are a veteran of being pulled over by a police officer. Either way, what should you do when getting pulled over by a police officer in New York State?

Here's what the Buffalo, New York Police Department recommends. First, when you hear a siren and/or red lights flashing, pull over to the right side of the road.

Remain in your vehicle. Do not exit your vehicle unless asked to do so and keep your hands on the steering wheel. Don't reach for your license or any document for that matter until asked by the police officer.

Don't get into an argument with the officer. It won't help the situation. If you did something wrong like speeding, running a stop sign, etc., be honest.

So what about having to roll down your window? Is it a law in New York State? According to the Ciccarelli Law Office website, it's a bit complicated. If you refuse, it can be viewed as a safety threat.

The recommendation is to roll down your window far enough so at least you can carry on a conversation with the police officer and be able to pass along any required documents such as driver's license and registration.

Also, you have the right to refuse to let police officers search your vehicle according to the Ciccarelli Law Office website. Their recommendation? Roll down your window, be polite and use common sense. Makes total sense.

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