When kids are out trick-or-treating, it's hard for them to resist the temptation of eating some candy while out walking around. Please make sure you inspect your child's candy before you let them start enjoying the fruits of their begging.

The Dublin Police Department in Georgia has warned parents via their Facebook Page that there are methamphetamine pills that are designed to look like candy. And even though that is in Georgia, that doesn't mean that can't appear here in the Southern Tier.

The Dublin Police Department urges parents to check their child's candy before they eat it. If you notice anything unusual they say you should call your local police department or call 911. Click here to see what the pills look like.

If you see any candy with a wrapper that appears to have been tampered with, throw it away. It's also a good idea if there is loose candy as in candy corn or things like that, things that aren't individually wrapped, it would be safer to just throw those away as well.

Make sure you warn your children of the dangers before they head out. Especially if they will be out trick-or-treating without any adult supervision.

It's sad that there are sick people out there that would want to injure, poison, or drug children. I would hope there's no one in the Binghamton area that would do such a despicable act, but you never know.

Keep your kids safe so they have a happy and healthy Halloween.

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