Most kids, especially boys, have very messy dorm rooms when they go away to college. But this one student had a good reason for his dorm room being filthy.

I used this as a Strange But True story this morning, but this way you get to see the pictures. If you didn't hear me talking about it this morning, here's the story.

Even though it happened in England, I said I could picture this happening here with all the student housing in downtown Binghamton and with all the pigeons down here.

A student named Oluwageorge Johnson (yeah, I butchered his first name on the air this morning) was at college last year when the Coronavirus took off. His parents showed up at his dorm and told him to grab his stuff because they were taking him home.

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Like most college students, even here in the Binghamton area, he didn't realize that he wasn't going to return to his dorm for 6 months, so he only grabbed a few things. Apparently he forgot to close a window in his dorm before he left.

The Daily Mail reported that people at the university checked his dorm after hearing strange noises. They called him and told him what happened. He went back to school just a few days ago and quickly realized he could not stay in his dorm.

The dorm room was covered in pigeon droppings. His stove, countertops, the floor, and even some of his clothes were plastered with poop. They even found pigeon eggs in the kitchen sink with feathers all around them and there was also a baby pigeon found in his clothes.

He said he wished he never saw the damage because he's having a hard time sleeping at night, and he said he's never going to open a window again. I'm guessing he's not getting his deposit back.

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