Ah, Winter Storm Izzy. The winter storm that left meteorologists and every day people wondering what in the world to expect.

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Even up until just hours before the winter storm found her way to the Southern Tier, there was sill varying speculation about the timing of the storm as well as what the snow totals would be.

I live on a mountain and generally expect to get more snow than forecasted. I was checking a weather site last night around 9:00 p.m. and it said my area would likely only see three inches or so and I laughed because at the time I was looking at the forecast, we already had two inches of snow and it was still early and still coming down hard.

This morning, I woke to nearly a foot of snow.

What a strange storm Izzy was. Places that expected little snow got mounds and places that expected loads of snow got very little. Welcome to winter in the Northeast, right?

We asked people to send in photographs of what the snow looked like at their homes early this morning and they didn't disappoint. Scroll through the photos and you'll see exactly how much the total amounts varied from town to town.

IN PHOTOS: Winter Storm Izzy Smacks The The Southern Tier

Winter Storm Izzy arrived in the Southern Tier late on Sunday, January 16, 2021 and dumped varying amounts of snow. These photos were submitted by locals to show what it looks like where they live.

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