Paying bills online, for me, is a blessing for the most part. For others, not so much.

My mother for example, will have nothing to do with online bill paying services. I completely understand. With all the issues of breaches and other things that may compromise your online experience, some people may prefer to pay in person or my mail exclusively.

All the bills I pay online are through reputable companies and are very safe, although in the internet world, nothing is completely safe. I like the fact that I can easily and quickly pay my monthly bill with very little problems. But not all is rosey for me paying bills online.

While I get all the security measures in place to make sure the person accessing the account is the owner of the account, it can sometimes be a 'pain in the you know what.'

For example, one of the bills I pay, has a box that you can check for the service to remember your computer and bypass all the security questions except for username and password. Well, it doesn't matter how many times I check the button, the next month, I have to go through all the security questions again as if I'm accessing the service through a different computer.

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And there are a couple of services that want my phone number, my email address and how much money I make. And if I don't answer those questions, I can't go forward to pay the bill. All I want to do is pay the damn bill, not give out my life's history and information!

I have one bill that no matter what I try to do, I can't pay it online, so I use the automated phone bill pay system. The problem with that is, half the time it does not recognize what I'm saying. Talk about bringing up my stress level and blood pressure.

Some bills I can pay locally, so I just go to the business and pay it. I do prefer paying most of my bills online, but maybe sticking the bill and a check in an envelope and mailing it out isn't such a bad thing to go back to.

What's the worst that could happen? Oh yea, the check got lost in the mail.

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