One of the stories that came up on Thanksgiving this year, was about a Thanksgiving from many years ago.

One year, my sister Ann brought her two rescue beagles to my sister's house for Thanksgiving. She put them out on the closed in back porch while we were all eating dinner, so they wouldn't be begging the whole time.

She had no idea that my wife Chris, put an extra pot of halupki (pigs in the blanket) on the back porch.That pot was for people to take home and there was no room for it in the kitchen. So, she figured the back porch was cool enough that they didn't have to go in the fridge, so she just set them on top of a cooler full of beer.

After about five minutes, we heard what sounded like the dogs wrestling on the back porch. They were wrestling alright, wrestling with a pot full of halupki. They ate about half of them by the time we got out there to stop them. I can't imagine what poor Freddy's belly felt like a few hours later.

Freddy was the beagle we found with his face in the pot. When we pulled him away, he had sauce, rice, and cabbage all down his chest and all around his head. His stomach looked bloated before they left for home, a few hours later. Freddy survived that Thanksgiving but passed away about a year later.

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