It's October, but it feels like Summer is still with us, and as far as I'm concerned, that's OK.

October can be a fickle month when it comes to weather. While I don't ever remember it being this warm, I do remember some cold, snowy days in the past. Especially when I was younger, I can remember getting hit with snow around Halloween. My mom had me all bundled up before going out trick or treating. I'm thinking, what was the point of that? Now no one can see my neat Superman costume, except for that awful plastic face mask with the rubber band in the back that always left a mark on the back of my head because it was too tight.

Well, on to the subject at hand, and that's our exciting Parlor City Oktoberfest which is this Saturday, October 14th at Mountain Top Grove, Hance Road, Vestal.

One of the things I like about this event is, it's for the entire family. Bring the clan and enjoy a fun time, including some Oktoberfest themed contests. All the information, and what we have planned can be seen, along with purchasing your tickets by clicking on that button below.

Alex Bartashoff, Trinity Printing
Alex Bartashoff, Trinity Printing


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