Procedures for a district attorney’s office to operate when the district attorney’s law license has been suspended or revoked are under consideration in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Kathy Whyte/ News Radio WNBF
Kathy Whyte/ News Radio WNBF

According to the Associated Press, the state House on Tuesday, October 26 voted unanimously for the proposed procedures. The bill would deem the office of district attorney vacant if the incumbent district attorney is disbarred. If his or her law license is only suspended, they would also be suspended from office until the license is restored or their term expires.

It was amended in the House so it needs another Senate vote to go to the governor's desk.

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The measure comes as the Bradford County District Attorney was arrested and charged with numerous counts of sexual assault, harassment and other misconduct counts earlier this year. Chad Salsman was accused of sexually assaulting numerous women in his law office and intimidating them, often hinging the outcome of their legal cases on the success of his advances.  In May the Republican pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution and obstructing governmental administration. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

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