Another great thing about spring is that fact that April 1st is a day for many things. It's April Fools Day, opening day for baseball and for those of you who love to fish, Trout season begins today in New York State. The season runs through October 15th.

In Pennsylvania, Trout season will begin on April 3rd. through Labor Day. The New York State Environmental Conservation states that the daily limit for Lake Trout, Brook, Brown, Rainbow, Splake and their hybrids is five. It's the same for Pennsylvania during the regular season, and the minimum size is seven inches according to the Pennsylvania Boat And Fish Commission.

That brings me to my fishy stories. I haven't fished in a long time, but many of my family, friends and especially camp friends love to fish. As I got older, I lost the interest in fishing. It's supposed to be a relaxing way to while away a day, but I just get bored.

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I do have fond memories though of fishing when I was a kid. Especially at this time of year when the temperatures are warmer, spring is in its early stages and sitting next to a country stream, listening to the wildlife sounds around you while dangling a line in the water, is what heaven is probably like. Those days, I remember fondly.

And I loved taking trips to Cayuga Lake to go Smelt fishing with my dad and uncles. As soon as it was dusk, the Smelt would begin their run, and in we went with our high water boots and nets, scooping up as many as we could. I believe back in the 1960, the liit was 200 smelt per person, but now I believe it's measured in buckets and the limit is eight.

And then there was the time i began to realize that fishing was not for me. My dad, an uncle and I were fishing from a dock in a lake somewhere near Watkins Glen (can't remember exactly where), and believe it or not, As I was fishing standing up, I became  bored and fell asleep. Standing up. And as soon as I did, I fell forward into the water. My dad jumped in and hauled me back on the dock. That is probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done in my life. And that is no fishy tale.

So, to those of you who love to fish, happy Trout season opening day!

via New York State  Environmental Conversation, Pennsylvania Boat and Fish Commission.

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