I learned how to hunt and fish at a very young age. My Dad and all my siblings and relatives loved to do both, so we were either on the shore or in a boat fishing quite often, or in the woods during deer or turkey season. As I got older and moved out on my own, hunting and fishing kind of faded away for me.

But for those of you who love to hunt and fish, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has something that I think you will really enjoy.

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The digital age has come to the hunting and fishing community through the HuntFishNY mobile app from the NYS DEC. It's amazing how far technology has come, and for people who hunt and fish, this app can really add to the experience.

The HuntFishNY mobile app contains many features. For one, it allows you to display your hunting and fishing licenses and check out a lot of helpful information.

And you access the app for NYS DEC website resources as well. It also allows you to report your game harvests immediately and you can get information related to things like fishing information, DEC contacts, Game Harvest Reports, and hunting, trapping, and fishing regulation guides. You can also get information on daily sunrise and sunset times.

There's a feature on the NYS DEC HuntFishNY mobile app called Tacklebox and there are some cool new features for this year (2022) including being able to search waterbodies by name, zooming in on a map, getting information on fishing regulations, species, and stocking, boat launches and even driving directions.

For more information about the HuntFishNY app and Tackle Box, visit the NYS DEC website, and check out the video below.

via New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation

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