So it's been announced the Ottawa Senators organization is moving the AHL Binghamton Senators to Belleville, Ontario beginning in the 2017-18 season.

That's their prerogative of course, and it's sad for those of us to love this level of hockey in Broome County, but it's not the first time we've gone through this. Fortunately, (I hope, from what I've heard) there will be an AHL replacement, so we won't miss a beat, just rooting for another NHL team's AHL affiliate.

This got me to wondering, if the team is leaving, and of course we know that's happening, how, if any, will it affect the upcoming season? We've experienced good attendance at the home games. Will that continue?

If you're a season ticket holder, I'm assuming you don't want to lose your chosen seats, especially since the next team to come in may be as good, or even better the the Sens organization.

As for those who don't have season tickets, will you continue to come out and see any games this year? Also, what about the ever popular merchandise sale? Would you buy B-Sens merch, knowing they are about to leave town? Maybe they'll have a "going out of town" sale and mark down the prices.

Soon, time will tell. The season is less than a month away. My take? AHL hockey in Binghamton is a great thing, and no matter what team calls Binghamton home, that's all I need. This year, enjoy great hockey, say goodbye to the B-Sens, and get excited for their successor!