Yea, it's one or the other, or both, depending how you look at it. I had an interesting weekend, but if you read how interesting Jim Free's weekend was, he wins. That is, if being in horrible pain is winning. I'd rather not feel his pain, but do hope his goes away soon.

As for me, it was another trip to the Endless Mountains of PA, where my camper is parked in a beautiful campground. With the promise of the first rain-less weekend since camping season opened, I was looking forward to the lack of precipitation and spending more time outside the camper.

The only liquid I wanted to see was the kind that comes in a can or bottle, and tastes great as I drink it. Saturday was awesome. I pretty much did nothing. Gotta love that kind of day.

In the evening, one of my brothers and his son came to camp (he has a camper next to mine) and introduced me to the world of the riding lawn mower. My brother wasn't using it at home, and thought it would be nice to let me borrow it to mow my rather large lawn. I've got more lawn space than most campsites.

I have never operated a riding lawn mower before. Just that good old push mower, sweating it out and enjoying a freshly mowed lawn. Ah, the smell of fresh cut grass and the workout is priceless.

So, I gave this beast (it's a 54 inch blade compared to my 21 inch push mower) a try. Holy S***. Fell in love right away. I wanted to mow everyone's lawn at that point. The amount of grass that gets mowed down with each pass (pardon the pun), and the speed was almost too much to bear.

I think I saw a tear on my push mower. But it won't be put out to pasture (damn, another pun). There's still areas that behemoth mower can't get to, but where the push mower with work rather nicely.

As for the second half of my weekend...the rain came. What the hell. Really? So rain in Pa, no rain in NY. Just my luck. Well, there's the rest of June, all of July, August, September and a bit of October to hopefully enjoy a few rain-free weekends. In theory.

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