And here we go. Enjoy this wonderful first part of fall. The second half will introduce you to what's to come. And that would be the winter season. Aren't you excited. Okay some of you are. I'll pass on joining that group, please and  thank you.

No matter, winter is on it's way, and now is probably the time to prepare. I wonder what it's like to prepare for winter in locations such as Florida, Arizona and California? Ah, those lucky you-know-what's.

So, I have come up with my list of stuff to drag out of the closet, shed, pick up at the store, etc. to be ready for winter and the fantastic (insert sarcasm here) things it has in store for us shortly. Let me know if I missed anything, like picking up my belongings and wintering in the south to avoid all this (again, more sarcasm.)

Must Have's For Winter

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