So how was your weekend? Mine was not so good, and I am glad it's over. Not something you would usually hear from me. Here's five reasons why, in no particular order.

  • zest_marina, ThinkStock
    zest_marina, ThinkStock

    It Snowed

    I don't know why, but for some reason I thought we'd get maybe a inch or two at most of snow on Saturday. Surprise! Well, maybe my neighbor will clean out my sidewalk and driveway. Nope. His snowblower belt broke. Time to bring out the shovel. To make matters worse, the snowplow gave me a present a the end of the driveway - a mix of salt and hard snow to shovel out.

  • Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News
    Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News

    Dog Not Happy with Snow

    My Italian Greyhound is a small guy. That being said, he does not like snow that has accumulated more than 2 inches. When I send him out to do his business, (yes, wearing a coat) number one happens. Number two, not so much. But when it did, guess where? Yep.

  • zlikovec, ThinkStock
    zlikovec, ThinkStock

    Freezing Temperatures

    It's been too cold too much so far this Winter. My car's windows are frozen shut. The doors are frozen shut, and when I got into the vehicle, a bunch of the buttons were frozen, and wouldn't function. What the hell?

  • anurakpong/Thinkstock

    The Koi Died

    I have a small pond in the backyard. I built it about 25 years ago, and stocked it with goldfish and Koi. All but one Koi have passed on over the years. This weekend, my last remaining Koi died. I will miss him coming up to the surface when he sees me, asking to be fed.

  • Siri Stafford, Thinkstock
    Siri Stafford, Thinkstock

    Relative in the Hospital

    A relative ended up in the hospital on Saturday. She's recovering fine, but something is going on with so many people in the hospital lately. Over 24 hours since being admitted, there are no patient rooms available. At last check, she's still in a holding room. Fortunately, the hospital staff are doing an amazing job taking care of her.

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