The Whale's sister station, 1290 am WNBF, celebrated 90 years of broadcasting this year. Recently, they held an open house for their clients and their listeners. We all helped out by giving the guests tours of our facility. The station purchased refreshments for the event. Visitors were treated to chips and dip, shrimp, cheese and crackers, and a couple hundred dollars worth of cookies. I kid you not, there must have been six trays of cookies. My wife and I have been on the Mediterranean diet since the week before Thanksgiving. We both strayed from it a couple of times including Thanksgiving Day, the day after, and a couple of times when we've gone out for dinner with friends. Last night I felt like I was being tortured at my workplace. Being forced to stare at these cookies for three hours and not touch them was no easy task.

So this morning as I entered the building, I thought the rest of the cookies would be in the kitchen upstairs where the sales people and the office staff work. And that was fine by me, as I usually don't go anywhere near that kitchen. I was wrong. At least one of the leftover trays made it downstairs to the lunchroom across from the Whale Studio. It was like the cookies decided that they were going to screw with me again today. Every time I went to get a cup of coffee, a glass of water, or a soda out of the fridge, the cookies were there to tempt me some more.

Maybe I'll just lick one. That's not really cheating on the diet, is it?

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