My wife is a great cook and an awesome baker. Every year for Christmas she makes around a dozen different cookies. This year she said she's going to make new ones along with the old ones. I guess my diet will begin on January 1st.

Every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chris will bake three or four different kinds of cookies that she will freeze until Christmas Eve.

This past Saturday she started mixing the dough for the zazvorniky, which are ginger cookies in the shape of puzzle pieces that get covered in powdered sugar before you eat them. She pressed those yesterday and they sat on the dining room table raw for 12 hours.

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When I got home from work yesterday, I could smell them and the other cookies baking as soon as I walked in the door. She baked them and put them on the dining room table. Along with those cookies were lekvar, walnut, and apricot kolachkie. And right in the middle of the table where two giant plates of ricotta Italian cookies topped with frosting and sprinkles. I had to sample each one of them.

Even though we have a desk in the den in our house, nobody really uses it. We sit in the dining room so we could see the TV  and whoever is sitting in the living room while we're on our laptops at the dining room table.

So as I was working on one of my articles yesterday, the cookies were all within an arm length and the smell was driving me crazy. I swear they were calling me by name saying, go ahead, have another one of us.

I love the holidays, I just don't love the extra 10 lbs. I put on every year because of my wife's cookies. Every time I say that, she reminds me I don't have to eat them. But I do anyway.

This is what she's made so far.

Christmas Cookies

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