For more than 100 years people have been enjoying the SweetHearts Candies for Valentine's Day. They are the different colored hearts with sweet phrases printed on them. When I was a kid I would eat those to the point where I felt sick.

Some of the love notes that were stamped on the hearts included, I love you, be mine, you're sweet, and other little love messages like that. Well if you go to a store looking for those this year you are not going to find them, and here's why.

NECCO, the New England Confectionery Company, makers of NECCO Wafers and SweetHearts Candies, went bankrupt last year and shut down their factory.

But starting next year, according to, you will be able to purchase the sweet treats once again. said that the company that took over NECCO, The Spangler Candy Company, did not have enough time to prepare the SweetHearts for this Valentine's Day, but they should be available again starting next year.

According to, NECCO produced about 8 billion conversation hearts each year and that it took NECCO 11 months to produce that many SweetHearts.

You may be able to find some knock-off brands out there this year, but the actual "SweetHearts Candies" will be missing until at least Valentine's Day 2020.

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