With all that's going on politically today, I thought maybe you'd like to see an article that has nothing to do with politics. Sometimes we just need a distraction from all the craziness in the world.

This is more of a jumble of thoughts and happening that have been a part of my life recently that I thought you might fine interesting or at least amusing, because my life is just a bit weird.

Over the weekend, I decided to go on a buying spree. It's not that I have a bunch of money lying around, I have a card or two that are not maxed out. Close, but not quite there yet. Yes, I know that's a bad thing.

One of my purchases was a digital thermometer. I haven't owned a thermometer in a long time. Well, I do have one, but it's used to check the temperature of my dogs if needed, and you know where they are placed to get a temperature.

The last thermometer for people that I owned was the old style you stick under your tongue. I hated those things. When I was a kid and feeling sick, my mom would run to the bathroom cabinet, and shove that thing under my tongue. I was instructed to keep it there for the required sixty seconds, not move an inch, keep my mouth shut and don't even think about moving my tongue. The pressure was unbelievable. I could feel my saliva building up and wanting so bad to swallow.

Now, I just have to aim the new digital thermometer at my head, and in second or two, I've got my temperature. New technology is such a good thing. Wish I had it when I was sick with the coronavirus. Well, I'm prepared now. I wonder if it works on dogs?

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